We have a variety of resources to help your campaigning, enable you to become better informed, or just for pure entertainment.  Included are some of the very latest books and DVDs all of which you can borrow free charge, and even some music. 

So scroll down through the list, see what is available and email us your requests.

Leaflets, posters and more to use in your campaigning

Fancy a spot of local campaigning? We keep a good supply of ‘Boycott Israel goods’ leaflets and ‘Don’t buy into the occupation’, ‘Don’t buy into apartheid’ and ‘End the arms trade with Israel’ cards for you to hand out on the street.  We’ve also some large (A3) placards to draw attention to yourself. Ask nicely and we may even let you borrow our large ‘Gloucestershire PSC’ banner.

Able to hold hold a stall? Then we can also supply you with copies of the ‘disappearing Palestine’ poster, ‘the Case for Justice’ booklet and PSC’s excellent series of fact-sheets to hand out. Current titles include:

  • Palestine/Israel: The Basic Facts
  • Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions
  • Colonisation and ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem
  • Palestine – the new apartheid
  • Palestinian refugees and the right of return
  • Gaza today
  • Palestine – Britain’s legacy
  • Palestinian political prisoners
  • Israel’s colonial settlement policy
  • The Nakba – Israel’s ‘War of Independence’ and Palestine’s catastrophe
  • Palestine, Israel and the trade union movement
  • Annexation of the Jordan valley
 Books, reports and DVDs for you to borrow
Books and reports

These books all belong to member of the group. But they are happy to lend them to others, just so long as you promise to return them. Email us with your requests.

  • Just Published: Ilan Pappe. The Idea of Israel: A history of power and knowledge (2014)
  • Gideon Levy, The Punishment of Gaza (2010)
  • Ilan Pappe. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2007)
  • William Sutcliffe. The Wall, a modern fable. (2013) Fictional story of a settler child.
  • Sari Nusseibeh and Anthony David. Once Upon a Country (2007) “One of the best personal accounts of the Israel-Palestine conflict ever written”.

We also have copies of some important reports which are all worth reading.

  • Bound, blindfolded and convicted: Children in military detention. Report by Defence of Children International, April 2012.
  • Breaking the Silence; Soldiers’ testimonies 2005-2011. Published in 2012 by
  • Palestinian Child Prisoners. Report on the systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children published by Defence of Children International, June 2009
  • Facts on the ground: The end of the two-state solution? Report by Christian Aid, 2011.
  • Boycott, divestment, sanctions; Winning justice for the Palestinian people. Report by War on Want, November 2011.

As you will see, there is an excellent selection of informative and educational DVDs, all  free for you to borrow.  But don’t just sit and watch them on your own; show them to your friends and family and help spread the word. All that we ask is you return them in good condition.

NEW! The Gatekeepers (2014) 96 mins. In Hebrew with English subtitles. Oscar nominated documentary in which six former heads of Israel’s secret service explain the activities of their counter-terrorism unit and relationship with their political masters from the Six Days War to the present day.  Goes some way to explaining how the current occupation of the West Bank came about, through benign neglect on the part of the political leaders and opportunism by the Zionist right wing.  Well worth watching but very depressing!

Five Broken Cameras (2012) 94 mins. Award winning – and very moving – first-hand account of five years of protests in a West Bank village affected by Israel’s separation wall. Shot almost entirely by Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son.

Exile, a Myth Unearthed – Ilan Ziv (2009) 84 mins.  Important documentary looking at new evidence showing that the majority of the Jewish people may not have been exiled following the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, thus re-writing Jewish history and undermining the Zionist’s claimed justification for the state of Israel.

And read Ziv’s account of how his film was controversially pulled by the BBC: ://

American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein (2009) 84 mins. Documentary by Jewish American Professor and son of Holocaust survivor, Norman Finkelstein,. Exposes the ‘Holocast industry’ and how Israel use claims of anti-Semitism as a justification for committing war crimes.

The Land Speaks Arabic (La Terre Parle Arab) by Maryse Gargour (2007) 61 mins. In Arabic, French and English  with English subtitles.  Another multi-award winning film, it documents the founding of the Zionist movement and the expulsion of Palestinians from their homelands. Historical narrative is reconstructed by weaving photographs, newsreel footage and official documents, with the testimonies of survivors of the Nakba.  Essential viewing for anyone who wants to fully understand the background to the present conflict.

Bethlehem – Hidden From View (2008) 28 minutes.  Film by the Amos Trust about the strangling and imprisonment of Bethlehem and Hebron and its impact on the local Christian community.  Ideal for churches and other groups to use as a discussion starter.

 The Iron Wall (2006) 52 mins (In English, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles)  Documentary by Mohammed Alatar  about the establishment of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and construction of the “security barrier” and their effect on the peace process. Another essential primer for anyone interested in understanding the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Occupation 101 (2006) 90  mins.  Multi-award winning documentary about life under Israeli military rule and the major role of the USA in the conflict.  DVD included much extra bonus material including historic footage of the 1947-48 Nakba.

Our Suffering in this Land – A Campaigner’s film by Ed Hill (2007) 77 mins. Film by Bristol Campaigner Ed Hill based on a two weeks visit to Palestine to help with the olive harvest.  Presents a concise understanding of the history, geography and politics of Palestine, the hypocrisy of governments and the bias of our daily media.

Some older videos but still relevant and still worth watching in 2014:

Palestine Is Still the Issue (2002) 53 minutes  Carlton TV documentary, written and presented by John Pilger, inspired by the book Drinking The Sea at Gaza by Amira Haas. Pilger visits the Middle East and tries to discover why peace is elusive.

Resisting the Occupation on the Ground – A video by the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (2004) Follows Jeff Halper to house demolitions in Jerusalem culminating in his arrest for civil disobedience in a multi-national effort to save the Jabri family home.

Even some music

Yes, we’ve even got some CD’s of Palestinian music to set the mood if you are thinking of inviting friends round for a celebratory maklouba. The titles are all in Arabic and the music is err… interesting.

Perhaps a bit of an acquired taste for some, but you are welcome to give them a listen. Just email and ask. Might even inspire you to take up dabkeh.


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