Martin Horwood’s motion to Lib-Dem’s autumn conference

We have belatedly come across – but were pleased to see – an emergency motion put to the LibDem’s autumn conference in September by Cheltenham MP,  Martin Horwood –  “A Holistic Pathway to Peace in the Middle East” – and approved by them.

It develops the party’s policy across the whole of the Middle East taking into account the current situation.  On Palestine it:

  • Condemns the recent conflict in Gaza, particularly the indiscriminate firing of thousands of rockets into Israel by Hamas, Israel’s disproportionate military response and the high number of civilian casualties;
  • Condemns the annexation of more land in the West Bank by Israel to develop further  illegal settlements;
  • Notes with concern the severity of the humanitarian disasters that have been created by conflicts and instability in the region.

Among several recommendations the motion calls on the UK Government to apply continued pressure on Israel to cease its illegal acquisition of land in the West Bank. It also ask the Government to encourage the EU to recognise the State of Palestine within pre-1967 borders, with negotiated land swaps on the basis of each side’s entitlements under international law.

Horwood2The motion can be criticised as being rather weak when compared to that passed by the EU on Gaza in September and with the contribution by many of Martin’s fellow MPs to the debate in Parliament in October.  And it is disappointing that Martin didn’t think to tell any of us who write to him regularly on Palestine about his success in getting the motion carried.  Nonetheless it will be a good starting point for our discussion when we meet Martin on 11 December.

Click here to read the  motion, listen to Martin and hear the debate:

What the media won’t tell you about East Jerusalem

demolition-of-abu-armelhs-house-in-jerusalem_2075166 The events at the Al Aqsa mosque and widely reported attacks by Palestinians on Israeli citizens (in contrast to those by Israeli’s on Palestinians which have gone virtually unreported) need to be seen in context.

Palestinians living under the occupation in East Jerusalem in particular have had to cope with an almost impossible level of interference with their daily lives. This reality – ignored by the Western media but which goes a long way towards explaining why some Palestinians are now resorting to desperate measures – is set out in a new PSC briefing ‘What the media won’t tell you about East Jerusalem’.  See

Check it out; it’s well worth reading.

Concert for Children of Gaza this weekend, Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Poster-A4

Message from Worcester Palestine Friendship

Concert for the Children of Gaza

I would like to share news of a concert for the children of Gaza taking place at Coventry Cathedral this coming Saturday, 1st November to raise funds for the Palestine Trauma Centre. I know that many of you will have attended our recent public meeting where colleagues from the PTC spoke about the important work they do. Further details are on the attached poster. The concert is free, but booking in advance is still required so they can ascertain numbers. Please book through this link.

There will be a collection at the end to support the work of the Palestine Trauma Centre.

EAPPI Talks In Cheltenham and Gloucester

Ann Davison will be giving two talks at the end of November.

Sat 29 Nov, public meeting at Friends Meeting House in Gloucester, 11am. Bring sandwiches for a shared lunch afterwards if you wish.

Sunday 30 November at Cheltenham Friends Meeting House: 12 noon (following Meeting for Worship at 10.30) again with a shared lunch to follow.


The Palestine/Israel debate in parliament 13 October

Some MPs said that they had been unundated with letters and emails from their constituents …

Some quotes from the debate

…… Is it any wonder that confidence in a two-state solution is draining away when the Israelis push ahead with illegal settlements in the west bank? Is it any wonder that confidence is draining away when Bedouin Arabs in the E1 area live in fear of being moved on, and are not allowed to build proper schools for their children and so are forced to build them out of recycled tyres? Is it any wonder that confidence is draining away when those same Arabs put up swings for their children, and because they are denied the relevant permit from the authorities, the Israeli authorities come and take down the swings that the children play on? Is it any wonder that confidence is draining away when we see a conflict in Gaza that leads to 110,000 displaced Palestinians and the destruction of 22 schools?….(Jonathan Ashworth (Leicester South) (Lab))

‘My other Damascus moment came when I was standing at the Bethlehem checkpoint and saw the appalling humiliation heaped on Palestinian people. I spoke to a nurse at a hospital I visited as part of a charity I ran. She lived in Bethlehem, just a few miles from Jerusalem. It was just a short walk away, but she was never able to go to the city without enormous difficulties’ …. ‘now is the time to recognise the justice of the Palestinians’ case.’ (Sir Edward Leigh (Gainsborough) (Con))

….. recent events in Gaza and the continued, determined pursuit of illegal settlement building by the Netanyahu Government must influence us, but there is a deeper reason to support the motion, especially as crises escalate across the region….if we are to tell Arabs across the region to reject extremism, rockets, bombs and massacres that are deliberately aimed at killing defenceless civilians, we must also do more to support the moderate, democratic, pluralist leaders, such as Mahmoud Abbas, who have painstakingly pursued the diplomatic path towards peace and self-determination. (Martin Horwood (Cheltenham) (LD))

‘Over the past weeks my in-box has been flooded with hundreds of letters from my constituents. Their strength of feeling is undeniable, their arguments are heartfelt, and their conviction is deep-seated — and for good reason. I share those arguments and that conviction.’ (Lyn Brown (West Ham) (Lab))

And an interesting perspective from Andy McDonald:
‘My father served with the Army in Palestine from 1945 to 1948 during the currency of the British mandate. He did not say much about it, but he did tell me that, at the end of his tour of duty, he had a chit for leave to spend a last night in Jerusalem. However, his comrade pleaded with him to let him have the chit as he wanted to see a girl in town. He had fallen in love with her and did not know when he might see her again, so he was desperate. My dad let him have his chit, but sadly the vehicle that took the soldiers into town that night was attacked by terrorists and the seat that the love-struck soldier sat in bore the brunt of the attack and he was killed outright. That could have been my dad’s seat. There were other terrorist attacks—on trains and, famously, on the King David hotel. Among the terrorists were Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, both of whom went on the hold the highest office in the newly formed state of Israel. The point I am making is that committed individuals and groups who pursue self-determination might at one time be deemed to be terrorists but then perceived as freedom fighters and, ultimately, statesmen. We need look no further than the journey made by the great Nelson Mandela, as well as taking a glance across the water to the island of Ireland.’
(Andy McDonald (Middlesbrough) (Lab))

Well worth reading and good to see many of our concerns raised by our MPs, whether or not you feel that a two state solution is possible.

Next meeting….. and more

Gloucestershire PSC’s next meeting is on Thursday, 9 October  2014 at 7:30pm, at the Friends’ Meeting House, Warwick Place, Portland Street, Cheltenham GL52 2NP.  Everyone welcome.  Agenda 10-14

Plus: on 20 October in Oxford, there is an opportunity to hear the renowned radical Israeli historian Professor Avi Shalim talk on Israel and Gaza, the historical perspective. See

And, if you live in Cheltenham, please make a special effort to come to our meeting on Thursday 11 December, when our MP Martin Horwood will join the Group for a face-to-face discussion. Get the date booked in diary now!

Talk and concert in Worcester on Thursday 2nd October 2014

Worcester Palestine Friendship double event.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions Talk

Firstly, in St George’s Catholic Church Parish Hall (our usual venue), Ofer Neiman from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) will give a talk about his work and the organisations with which he is involved, including the Israeli BDS organisation, Boycott From Within. Ofer is an Israeli citizen brought up in a liberal Zionist environment. He is also a member of group called Jews Against Genocide. His talk will start at 5pm and will be followed by refreshments and a discussion ending at around 6:30pm. The talk is free but donations to the work of ICHAD would be welcome.

Musical Concert and Q&A

This will then be followed by a concert by the Galilee Quartet in the main church building which is adjacent to the parish hall. This will start at 7pm so please note this is earlier than the normal start time for Worcester Palestine Friendship guests.

The Galilee Quartet is made up of three brothers and their sister from the Saad family. They are a highly talented group of siblings who play regularly with the Palestine Strings (the orchestra that Nigel Kennedy invited to play with him his Orchestra of Life at the 2013 Proms in the Royal Albert Hall) as well as by themselves as the Galilee Quartet. The oldest brother, Omar has served time in an Israeli military prison for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defence Force. As an Israeli Arab Druze, the law does not exempt him from performing national service, but he very publicly announced his intention not to serve in an army that is responsible for maintaining the occupation and oppressing his fellow Palestinians. He was punished for his conscientious objection. He and his brothers and sisters are in the UK promoting the work of Amnesty International although their performance in Worcester will be in aid of Medical Aid for Palestinians. After the concert there will be a chance to ask questions of the family about their music and about their experiences as Arabs living in Israel.

Posters for these events

ICAHD poster

Galilee Quartet Poster 2 Oct 2014

and also Evesham 3rd October
Evesham Galilee Quartet 3 Oct 2014

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