Weekend demonstrations

Some pictures from London.

The BBC under siege by 150,000 protesters (not 20,000 as claimed in the Observer) to chants of ‘Shame on you, BBC’ (not ‘Shame on you, Obama’ as also mis-reported in the Observer. Was the Observer actually there?)
London 9 August

London 9 August

The best flag in the demo, complete with sparkly red velvet and white roses.
London 9 August

Several of us went to the Vigil in Stroud, where individuals and representatives from peace groups, Jews for Justice, and others held placards with individual views, from ‘Local Companies That Sell Arms to Israel’ to ‘Just Stop It’ , ‘Every Death a Tragedy’, ‘Stop killing Children’ …. then linked arms for a minute of slience … and collected for Medical Aid for Palestine. One passer by said ‘It’s anti-semitic isn’t it, and was pointed to the ‘Jews for Justice’ group, then he said ‘But you don’t say ‘Hamas Stop Rockets’ do you, so he was pointed to the ‘Every Death a Tragedy’ poster ….

The Stroud vigil will continue next Saturday if the violence continues.


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