Palestine Trauma Centre in Gaza

July 9th 2014
Worcester – Palestine Friendship Group held an evening of talks about the Palestine Trauma Centre, , on Thursday July 3rd 2014.

This is a local organisation in Gaza who try to support people traumatised by the constant stress, helplessness and threat of violence in Gaza. They said their aim was to build resilience in families and communities, so that people could cope rather than being completely overwhelmed. Among other referrals, they get children referred who are too upset to speak. They said there is a high level of stress in Gaza, and very limited services for mental or physical health.

They talked about research on coping with PTSC (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and said that for Gaza a new term was needed, because the stress continues, it is not from events in the past. And research on what therapies can help people. They get funding from abroad but all decisions are local.


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