Latest news from Dheisheh Refugee Camp – 25 August, 2010

Water was turned off for 17 days before Ramadan started, and came on for one day only and has been off ever since, and now is the 16th day. So they have had one day of water in the past 34 days. It takes about 2 – 3 days to fill all their tanks, depending on how many they have.
Israelis promised 2000 cubic metres of water EXTRA per day for Ramadan…more lies, damn lies!!It never happened.
The temperatures for the past month or so have been between 40 and 46, falling to about 30 at night. Can you imagine how it is to have no water. It’s Ramadan so they don’t drink in the day, but at night they need to drink alot, and they can’t wash themselves by shower or wash clothes, or clean anything with water.
I have bought a tanker the other day which will be shared by Yousef and his neighbours. Cost about £50. ( 300 shekels ) The receipt is in Hebrew, so the Israelis are stealing the water from the water table under the West Bank, and selling it back to them at 4 times the price, and their quota is a quarter of what Israelis get….and then they have to buy it, if they can afford it, when their tanks are empty.
I owe the money changer for 3 tankers so far, and will pay when I go there.  Luckily he gives me credit, and does not charge me interest.

Regards,  Joanne


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