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Until this afternoon this 14 story block, Al-Zafir, was home to 48 families. They included  Lara and Jehad Saftawi.

Lara: “Jehad just called me and told me that they will bomb our building too ….  I’m about to collapse, I cannot imagine that the next air strike will be on my building where I live and my life there.”

Jehad: “This is the most hard experience which anyone can face to wait and watch the missiles fall on your house”

Lara: “We couldn’t take anything with us from home, only the clothes we are wearing and phones.”

Weekend 23rd – 25th August

LONDON: An emergency protest has been called for this Saturday:

Saturday 23 August, 12.30-3pm
Outside Downing Street, London (nearest tube: Westminster)

Further details will be posted on the National PSC website; , facebook and twitter as available.

Saturday 23rd August
Bristol Boycott Israeli Goods
2.00 – 4.00pm meet outside Tesco Metro,
90 Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3DW

Stroud vigil as usual; Saturday 12:00- 1.00pm, High Street, near the Church.

Ceasefire breakdown – emergency protest

(message from the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

‘The terrible news has come that Israeli Forces killed at least 20 Palestinians overnight. This followed the failure of the negotiations, due in large part to Israel’s unwillingness to end the blockade and allow the building of new facilities in Gaza. Reports are that more than 2,000 Palestinians have now been killed.’

An emergency protest has been called for this Saturday:

Saturday 23 August, 12.30-3pm
Outside Downing Street, London (nearest tube: Westminster)

Further details will be posted on our website; , facebook and twitter as available.

Mass Lobby of Parliament for Gaza on September 9th

More Details

  • 12-2pm – Briefings at Westminster Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden Avenue, just off Victoria St, London
  • 2-4pm – Lobby of MPs, committee room 11, House of Commons, London
  • 6-8pm – Evening Rally for Palestine, House of Commons.

We need everyone possible to come to Parliament on Tuesday 9 September to tell MPs that we want:

  • An immediate and permanent lifting of the blockade on Gaza, allowing free movement of people, goods and humanitarian aid
  • An end to UK-Israel arms trade and military collaboration with Israel
  • Sanctions against Israel until it abides by international and respects Palestinian human rights

We’ve had an incredible response to the Lobby with 349 MPs – well over half – already contacted by their constituents to say they are coming. Please write to your MP today, using our email tool, urging them to meet you in Parliament on Tuesday 9 September.

Imagine Cheltenham was in the Gaza strip

The Gaza strip is tiny. If Cheltenham was in the centre, then the northern tip of the strip would be somewhere around the Toddington roundabout, just beyond Winchcombe, and the Rafah crossing to the south would be just before you get to Stroud.  Now imagine this area with 1,816,375 people living in it ….  now imagine all those kids, and all that destruction.

Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

Gaza map

With thanks to Ahmed Nassri and his Gaza everywhere app:

Weekend demonstrations

Some pictures from London.

The BBC under siege by 150,000 protesters (not 20,000 as claimed in the Observer) to chants of ‘Shame on you, BBC’ (not ‘Shame on you, Obama’ as also mis-reported in the Observer. Was the Observer actually there?)
London 9 August

London 9 August

The best flag in the demo, complete with sparkly red velvet and white roses.
London 9 August

Several of us went to the Vigil in Stroud, where individuals and representatives from peace groups, Jews for Justice, and others held placards with individual views, from ‘Local Companies That Sell Arms to Israel’ to ‘Just Stop It’ , ‘Every Death a Tragedy’, ‘Stop killing Children’ …. then linked arms for a minute of slience … and collected for Medical Aid for Palestine. One passer by said ‘It’s anti-semitic isn’t it, and was pointed to the ‘Jews for Justice’ group, then he said ‘But you don’t say ‘Hamas Stop Rockets’ do you, so he was pointed to the ‘Every Death a Tragedy’ poster ….

The Stroud vigil will continue next Saturday if the violence continues.

9 – 10 August Protests


Stroud Vigil Saturday 9 August
12-1pm. Stroud High Street (near the church)
Organised by Stroud Peace Movement – contacts John Marjoram 01453 750962 & Carole Oosthuysen 01453 872446 Everyone welcome. Bring placards expressing your views.

Bristol Islamic Fayre, Sunday 10 August

12.00 – 6.00om, at Eastville Park, Bristol
Pro-Palestine and Anti-war campaigns to be among the 80 stall holders at this annual event which attracts over 12,000 visitors Also includes live stage performances, exhibitions, funfair, etc.

Candlelit vigil for Gaza, at Bath Abbey, Sunday 10 August

Plan is for a music/cultural/multi-faith vigil outside Bath Abbey at 7:30pm, then candles and prayers through sunset.
Contact for details.

And remember two events in the Forest

Monday 11th August at 7-30pm, at the Bailey Inn, Yorkley, a talk about issues in the West Bank seen through the lens of a rural community in “Five Broken Cameras”
Every Wednesday from 5:00pm, weekly vigil in the centre of Coleford for Peace in Gaza
Contact for more details.

And our regular monthly meeting, Thursday 14 August, 7:30pm. At the Friends Meeting House, Cheltenham

Finally, National PSC are calling on everyone to hold coordinated days of local actions on Friday-Sunday, 15/16/17 August focusing on Gaza and Sanctions. If you are able to organise something tell who will post them online.

We’ve a plentiful supply of leaflets, fact-sheet and placards in stock to back-up whatever you decide to do.

1849 Palestinians killed, including 1354 civilians, 415 children (UN figures from 67 Israelis killed, 3 civilians.

The people in Gaza need an end to the blockade and the constant aggression, the people in the West Bank need freedom from illegal occupation and illegal land annexation for Israeli settlements.

Forest of Dean Peace Group

Two more events if you live in or near the Forest of Dean. A newly formed group – Peace Now in Gaza – is organising:

  • a weekly vigil in the centre of Coleford to appeal for Peace in Gaza each Wednesday from 5pm.
  • a talk about current issues in Middle East as seen through the lens of a rural community on the
    West Bank in “Five Broken Cameras” . To be held at the Bailey Inn Yorkley on Monday 11th August from 7-30pm.
    5 broken cameras film event 2014

Contact for more details.

PEACE NOW in GAZA press release

Protests Saturday 9th August

First, a great big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to join one or more of the many demonstrations, or who have been out on the streets leafleting, or written to your MP or MEPs, or complained to the BBC, or who have done whatever else you can to demand an end to Israel’s attacks on the civilian population of Gaza and an immediate lifting of the siege.

But sadly the killing of innocent men, women and children goes on … and so must the protests!

Saturday 9 August 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm National Demonstration in London. More details to follow.

If you are thinking of going from the Cheltenham-Gloucester-Cirencester-Stroud area and can take others with you, or would like to go and would welcome a lift, please email and we will endeavour to coordinate. Also the Worcester – Palestine Friendship Group may be organising a coach.

Stroud – Saturday 9 August from 12:00 – 1:00pm
For those of you who prefer to protest closer to home, the Stroud Peace Movement are organising their third protest. Last weekend saw a gathering of well over 100 representing a broad spectrum of different interests from both Stroud and across the county and next weekend promises to be even larger.


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